At LST Communications, we create messages, stories and interactions that drive, inspire, nudge, excite and shape human action.

The ever-curling wave of technology has created more ways than ever for companies and brands to communicate with the public. That disruption of the old standards creates opportunity amid the riptide, but the need for expertise in navigating these shifting and adapting mediums and technologies is greater than ever.

We replace the droning monologue of recycled and regurgitated content by creating real-time conversations that connect brands, fans, teams, athletes, venues, sponsors and sanctioning organizations. We know creating that industry and media relationships often cultivated for years are just as important as deft use of the latest, greatest app to create real impact.

We’re fanatical about helping brands present their story in a human yet unexpected way, constantly adapting strategies to reach consumers who dismiss the all-too-familiar fabricated narrative.

We excel at telling a brand’s story on platforms that resonate with multichannel connected audiences, providing emotional triggers and human storytelling that are shared by each brand’s consumer evangelists.

“Simplify and articulate” are our guiding principles in all of these practices:

  • Social networking
  • Digital media
  • Traditional and digital public relations
  • Brand journalism and content creation
  • Viral campaigns
  • App creation
  • Tracking and monitoring