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Each year, senior grade-level Tom Landry Classic event participants (i.e.: football player, band member, cheerleader, student manager, mascot, drill team member, and student trainer) are eligible to apply for a Tom Landry Scholarship. These scholarships are funded by our corporate partners and are awarded to students for their commitment to academic excellence, leadership among their peers, and service to their community. In other words, their character closely emulates that of Tom Landry. In the initial 20 years of the event, the 2,249 applicants have volunteered over 122,000 hours in their communities, and the total amount of scholarship assistance from our corporate partners stands at over 1.2 million dollars. 


Crystal Also (Allen)    |    Caden Dunlap (Allen)    |   Cedric Gonzalez (College Station)

Madeline Gulledge (Allen)    |    Callie Jansen (Allen)    |   Makenna Koch (Allen)

Ashlyn McCulley (College Station)    |    Crimson Mathis (DeSoto)    |   Dillon O'Brien (Allen)

Taylor Reiner (Lovejoy)    |    Brianna Siddall (Lovejoy)    |   Noah Sherman (College Station)

Bennet Slaughter (Lovejoy)    |   Tatum Willard (Woodrow Wilson)



Jaxon Atchley (Plano East)    |    Samantha Benton (Allen)    |   Grant Chaney (Argyle)

Chrisk Coker (Allen)    |    Cedric Diggs (Plano East)    |   Corbin Fanning (Argyle)

Mia Flores (Nolan Catholic)    |    Hannah Hastings (Allen)    |   Sophie Hazel (Nolan Catholic)

Sarah Holloway (Plano East)    |    Divya Lohar (Allen)    |   Jackson Newville (Allen)

Juliana Smith (Nolan Catholic)    |    Michael Splain (Argyle)    |   Jon-Tay Wise (Nolan Catholic)

Jenna Young (Allen)



Chase Allen (Colleyville Heritage)    |    Brizah Ambriz (Allen)    |   Tyler Beidleman (Lovejoy)

Will Drogosch (Allen)    |   Kyle Easley (Lovejoy)    |    Hannah Ethridge (Cedar Hill)

Lily Hager (Lovejoy)    |    Lauren Henderson (Colleyville Heritage)    |    Elisha Jones (Cedar Hill)

Jenna Lowenberg (Allen)    |    Siddhi Malvankar (Allen)    |   Mason Melendez (Lovejoy)

Nicholette Nunley (Cedar Hill)    |    Kate Westrom (Colleyville Heritage)    |   Julianna Whitecotton (Allen)

2018 - 2019

Carson Collins (Lovejoy High School)    |    Kieran McKenzie (Horn High School)    |   Syanne Auchter (Horn High School))  Kendall Vaughn (Lovejoy Hill High School)    |    Hannah Hoffman (Allen Hill High School)    |    Marie Ayiah (Allen High School)

Caden Brooks (Heritage High School)    |    Hope Merriam (Allen High School)    |    Ryan Campbell (Horn High School)                    Brenden O'Brien (Allen High School)    |    Landry Droupy (Lovejoy High School)    |    McKinley Chaney (Lovejoy High School)

Ana Garcia (Allen Hill High School)    |    Alyse Reyes (Heritage High School)    |    Fernanda Gonzalez (Heritage High School)          Chris Sowinski (Allen Hill High School)    |    Sarah Jahnke (Lovejoy High School)


2017 - 2018

Nikki Sorensen (Lovejoy High School)    |    Vivienne Williams (Allen High School)    |    Andrew Magee (Allen High School)

Jada Stearn (Cedar Hill High School)    |    Alaja Hobbs (Cedar Hill High School)    |    Elizabeth Dagg (Argyle High School)

Scotty Dunham (Argyle High School)    |    Cale Nanny (Argyle High School)    |    Bryn Goldsmith (Lovejoy High School)

Miranda Downe (Argyle High School)    |    Harley Hendrick (Allen High School)    |    Preston Maxfield (Lovejoy High School)

Caleb Scott (Cedar Hill High School)    |    Sarah Abiog (Allen High School)    |    Bryson Hudgens (Argyle High School)

Destinee Lazard (Cedar Hill High School)    |    Blake Moti (Lovejoy High School)    |    Brandon Woolums (Argyle High School)

Grant Whistler (Allen High School) 


2016 - 2017

Jenna Wilson (Allen High School)    |    Linda Hagler (Argyle High School)    |    Emilee Gant (Lovejoy High School)

Pete Nicklas (Allen High School)    |    Garrett Carter (Argyle High School)    |    Brady Duke (Lovejoy High School)

Erin Palmer (Allen High School)    |    Emma Webb (Argyle High School)    |    Carson Harrington (Lovejoy High School)

Farah Nashat (Allen High School)    |    Reeves Moseley (Argyle High School)    |    Blake Pfaff (Lovejoy High School)

Mason Norris (Allen High School)    |    Collin Williams (Allen High School)    |    Courtney Reid (Lovejoy High School)

Erica Olfson (Allen High School)


2015 - 2016

Lauren Aboig (Allen High School)    |    Tye Parker (Allen High School)    |    Mason Alexander (Denton Guyer High School)

Kemp Sauer (Highland Park)    |    Mathew Barge (Highland Park)    |    Nicole Sun (Frisco Centennial)

Worsham Bryant (Allen High School)    |    Kate Thompson (Highland Park)    |    Kendra Egharevba (Allen High School)

Cassidy Thomson (Allen High School)    |    Mikhail Lanier (Allen High School)    |    Dharius Timmons (Denton Guyer HS)

Camille McSherry (Highland Park)    |    Duncan Trimmell (Frisco Centennial)    |    Frank Ohabor (Frisco Centennial)

Tyler Vincent (Highland Park)    |    Rie Okawara (Frisco Centennial)    |    Erin Wylie (Denton Guyer High School)


2014 - 2015

Riley Christiansen (Allen High School)    |    Bryce Brown (Denton Guyer)    |    Nick Greenberg (Allen High School)

Brady Byrd (Denton Guyer)    |    Garrett Kelly (Allen High School)    |    Morgan Chapa (Denton Guyer)

Taylor Whistler (Alen High School)    |    Katie Jensen (Denton Guyer)    |    Clayton Williams (Allen High School)

Ashley Farley (Highland Park)    |    Allison McGraw (Frisco Centennial)    |    Benjamin Klimko (Highland Park)

Grace Moon (Frisco Centennial)    |    Nicholas Ragland (Highland Park)    |    Megan Morse (Frisco Centennial)

Benji Walzel (Highland Park)    |    Sara Nolan (Frisco Centennial) 


2013 - 2014

Kilian Bresnahan (Coppell High School)    |   Kevin Chow (Coppell High School)    |    Caroline Carter (Coppell High School)

Mark Teffeteller (Coppell High School)    |    Preston Bradham (Aledo High School)    |    Matthew Fanning (Aledo High School)

Skyler Schoolfield (Aledo High School)    |    Aubry Adams (Aledo High School)    |    Michele Farren(Longview High School)

Elizabeth Thompson (Longview High School)    |    Jewel Hewitt (Longview High School)    |    Cole Feigl (Highland Park HS)

Conner Rambin (Highland Park HS)    |    Reagan Reid (Highland Park HS)    |    Sam Malone (Highland Park HS) 


2012 - 2013

Zoe Caceria (Coppell High School)    |    Tyler Harris (Coppell High School)    |    Madeline Nauyokas (Coppell High School)

Aaron Gonzales (Coppell High School)    |    Rachael Larson (Aledo High School)    |    Caleb Turner (Aledo High School)

Shea Wood (Aledo High School)    |    Parris Kane (Longview High School)    |    Torean Sheppard (Longview High School)

Jennifer Scoggin (Longview High School)    |    Cathy Mims (Highland Park HS)    |    Will Vanderstraaten (Highland Park HS)

Anthony Vallera (Highland Park HS)    |    Rachel Reid (Highland Park HS)


2011 - 2012

Ahmed Arasah (Cedar Hill HS)    |    Christopher Coffer (Cedar Hill HS)    |    Danielle Williams (Cedar Hill HS)

John Eigel (Cedar Hill HS)    |    Austin Brakebill (Allen High School)    |    Zoe Sigle (Allen High School)

Morgan Bonnin (Allen High School)    |    Carl McClellan (Allen High School)    |    Kylie Weston (Allen High School)

Michel Krikorian (Highland Park HS)    |    Clay Crews (Highland Park HS)    |    Taylor Foster (Highland Park HS)

Brady Burgin (Highland Park HS)    |    Reed Farmer (Highland Park HS)    |    Domingo Fuentes (Everman High School)

Kemecia Beasley (Everman High School)


2010 - 2011

Aspen Riser (Cedar Hill HS)    |    Dillon Lundell (Cedar Hill HS)    |    Aaron Harwell (Cedar Hill HS)

Blake Boyd (Allen High School)    |    Ryan Trantham (Allen High School)    |    Nick Vessels (Allen High School)

Katie Newville (Allen High School)    |    Blake Shorter (Highland Park HS)    |    Brant Green (Highland Park HS)

Rachel Holiday (Highland Park HS)    |    Ben McElroy (Highland Park HS)    |    Natalie Allen (Everman High School)

Trevor Fuentes (Everman High School)    |    Carshandra Hollins (Everman High School)


2009 - 2010

Blake Baldridge (Plano West HS)    |    Colton Hager (Plano West HS)    |    Ed Stockley, Jr. (Plano West HS)

Noah Flabiano (Highland Park HS)    |    Yates Bateman (Highland Park HS)    |    Morgan Stringer (Highland Park HS)

Hunter Harvin (Highland Park HS)    |    David McGee (Red Oak High School)    |    Alexis Belote (Red Oak High School)

Cody Monnette (Red Oak High School)    |    Emily Lang (Carroll High School)    |    Sean Landers (Carroll High School)

West Hardin (Carroll High School)    |    Ryan Gentry (Carroll High School)


2008 - 2009

Jake Gutekunst (Plano West HS)    |    James Freyman (Plano West HS)    |    Drew Hawley (Plano West HS)

Eden Choe (Plano West HS)    |    Will Leifeste (Highland Park HS)    |    Caldwell Moore (Highland Park HS)

Bryan Dickenson (Highland Park HS)    |    Ty Pierce (Highland Park HS) Team    |    JC Lumbley (Red Oak High School)

Clayton Stanley (Red Oak High School)    |    Victor Cooper (Red Oak High School)    |    Emily Giffin (Carroll High School)

Scott Lopano (Carroll High School)    |    Will Johnson (Carroll High School)


2007 - 2008

Michael George (Highland Park HS)    |    Dutch Crews (Highland Park HS)    |    Chris Morris (Highland Park HS)

Tyler Vessels (Allen High School)    |    Coby Jones (Allen High School)    |    Lindy Darnell (Allen High School)

Edsel Rivera-Rios (Allen High School)    |    Boomer Collins (Waxahachie HS)    |    Justin O'Rear (Waxahachie HS)

Leigha Minton (Waxahachie HS)    |    Cody Achimon (Garland High School)    |    Kelsie Garner (Garland High School)

Kandice Garner (Garland High School) 


2006 - 2007

Ryan Ross (Highland Park HS)    |    Ryan O'Dwyer (Highland Park HS)    |    Clay Springer (Highland Park HS)

Blake Montie (Highland Park HS)    |    Lindsey Burns (Allen High School)    |    Travis Pickup (Allen High School)

Cody Gambill (Allen High School)    |    Andrew Butler (Allen High School)    |    Matthew Puckett (Garland High School)

John Verity (Garland High School)    |    Ryan McFall (Garland High School)    |    Stephen Mattocks (Waxahachie HS)

Kevin McCluskey (Waxahachie HS)    |    Neetu Ann Mathew (Waxahachie HS)


2005 - 2006

Zavious Robbins (Mesquite HS)    |    Eddie Carpio (Mesquite HS)    |    Jamartae Jackson (Mesquite HS)

Bobby Curtis (Allen High School)    |    Blaine Smith (Allen High School)    |    Hunter Helm (Allen High School)

Nich Deniz (Allen High School)    |    Taylor Vick (Denton Ryan HS)    |    Rui Jiang (Denton Ryan HS)

Tim Telaneus (Denton Ryan HS)    |    Garrick Smith (Highland Park HS)    |    Trevor Smith (Highland Park HS)

Sam Pierce (Highland Park HS)    |    Will Bonano (Highland Park HS)    |    Andrew Kreighbaum (Lake Highlands High)

Elizabeth Jackson (Trinity Christian Academy)    |    David Degge (Allen High School)    |    Zachary Krimm (Woodrow Wilson HS)

Angela Brundage (Lincoln High School) 


2004 - 2005

Chris Hart (Mesquite High School)    |    Antonio Brown (Mesquite High School)    |    Donovan Plummer (Mesquite High School)

Evan Carson (Allen High School)    |    Tyler Sheridan (Allen High School)    |    Chance Gray (Allen High School)

Travis Janeway (Allen High School)    |    Tina Brockmann (Allen High School)    |    Sam Collins (Denton Ryan High School)

Zach Highfill (Denton Ryan HS)    |    Philip Paramore (Denton Ryan HS)    |    Scott Graham (Highland Park HS)

Joel McDow (Highland Park HS)    |    Carrie Tahu (Highland Park HS)    |    Bryan Newman (Highland Park HS)

Pete Chapman (Highland Park HS)


2003 - 2004

Michael Bradshaw (Stephenville HS)    |    Corey Dowell (Stephenville HS)    |    Cy Williams (Stephenville HS)

Eli Coston (Stephenville HS)    |    Matthew Sepulveda (Highland Park HS)    |    Darcy Garretson (Highland Park HS)

Christopher Rhodes (Highland Park HS)    |    Alex Skotnicki (Highland Park HS)    |    Tim Jett (Highland Park HS)

A.J. Martinez (Garland High School)    |    Brad Cooper (Garland High School)    |    Travis Greider (Garland High School)

Chris Dettor (DeSoto High School)    |    Corey Carr (DeSoto High School)


2002 - 2003

Christopher Kelly (DeSoto High School)    |    Sean McCrossen (DeSoto High School)    |    Eddie Yearby (DeSoto High School)

Ross Baldridge (Stephenville HS)   |    Clayton Iley (Stephenville HS)    |    Michael Brackin (Stephenville HS)

Ryan Brooke (Garland High School)    |    Chad Steele (Garland High School)    |    Joseph Cavanaugh (Garland High School)

Charles Russell, Jr. (Garland High School)    |    Molly Raynor (Highland Park HS)    |    Gardner Smith (Highland Park HS)

Thomas Laughlin (Highland Park HS)    |    Andrew Boyett (Highland Park HS)


2001 - 2002

Adam Napper (Allen High School)    |    Kyle Westerberg (Allen High School)    |    Chase Kirby (Lewisville High School)

Jake Smith (Lewisville High School)    |    Marc Halpin (Mesquite High School)    |    Jeremie Border (Mesquite High School)

Chris Munn (Ennis High School)    |    Eric Chmelar (Ennis High School)    |    Chris Samons (North Mesquite High School)

Craig Marshall (North Mesquite High School)    |    Adam Dugan (Poteet High School)    |    Ryan Mosley (Poteet High School)


2000 - 2001

Chris Murray (Poteet High School)    |    Brian Murphree (Poteet High School)    |    Josh Munn (Ennis High School)

Zachary Harrell (Ennis High School)    |    Jarod Jaggers (North Mesquite HS)    |    Jordan Griffin (North Mesquite HS)

Jared Randolph (Mesquite High School)    |    Olakunle Oguntodu (Mesquite High School)    |    Bo Graham (Allen High School)

Derek Sedlacek (Allen High School)    |    Justin Kupper (Lewisville High School)    |    Clint Wallis (Lewisville High School)

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