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LST is proud to have partnered with the Landry family to produce the Tom Landry Classic for the past 24 years, from 2000 to 2023.

During that time:

  • 34 schools participated

  • 37 players went on to play in the NFL, including:

    • Matthew Stafford​​​

    • Kyler Murray

  • $1.2 million in scholarships were awarded to participants​

    • Includes players, cheerleaders, ​members of the band and drill teams

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“My father would be so proud of the Tom Landry Classic. Its goal of honoring both athletic and academic achievement is very much in keeping with his ideals, and I am hopeful that his association with this event will act as an inspiration for our youth to compete and conduct themselves with character and integrity in all areas of their lives.”

- Tom Landry Jr.

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