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A Proud Veteran-Owned Company

LST is a forward-thinking boutique agency that pushes the limits of innovative sponsorships, talent integration and marketing solutions to redefine what’s possible and deliver amazing results.
LST has worked with the world’s top brands to produce unforgettable experiences that create meaningful consumer connections. 
As a veteran-owned company, LST leads the way in offering world-class client service that results in trust-based, lasting relationships.



Carson Burt
Staff Accountant

Alexander Calarizien

Ashley Canady
Director, Brand Experience

Ward Eastman

Chris Fortney
VP, Operations

Chris Kersey
Managing Director, LST Venues

Mary Barnes-Knox
VP, Athlete &
Talent Marketing

T.J. Land
VP, Brand Experience

John Lopes
Chairman & CEO

Celeste Madden
Manager, Athlete & Talent Marketing

Jack Slates
Manager, Graphics

Eunice Spells
Director, Administration

Caroline Weiss
Manager, Brand Experience

Sondra Ulin
VP, LST Speakers

Lee Zohlman 
Director, Business Development

Stephanie Potter 
Director, Brand Experience & Creative

Breanne Hardison
Manager, Brand Experience

Colton Scott
Manager, Events

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